[Watchface] Cobra (Pro edition)

What do you think guy’s >>

Thanks to @mikeoday & @joedoughty for the new code assists :thumbsup:

I’m delighted to finally release the Pro version. The Pro brings many features you would expect plus an exclusive torch launched by pressing the Cobra logo. Others are launched or toggled as follows. Select time to launch Alarm app, Date to launch Calendar, toggle between watch or phone battery by selecting watch or phone icon, launch Weather app from weather display, launch activity by pressing the Heart Rate & toggle steps display by pressing the 5,10,15k step scale indicator. The 5, 10 & 15k step progress bars display as appropiate, ie when you have reached 5 it clears down and shows a 10k scale and the same again when thats completed moving onto 15k. I hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


Looks Great.
Glad you got it to work…

You actually gave me one idea for this code, will show you soon :slight_smile:

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Looking really good - well done!

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