[Watchface concept] Blooming flowers

Testing a watch face concept: Flowers, with time lapse bloom on watch wake up.
What do you think of this idea?

To explore the idea, Google found a suitable gif on http://echinopsisfreak.com/ and I obtained permission from Greg to use it. Thanks Greg! :+1:

Echinopsis cacti plants produce magnificent flowers, blooming at night and the flowers last only one day. This face show cases the Eroica cultivar, with time lapse bloom on watch wake up.

Edit: Replaced the hands with standard Facer hands.
Watch hands are sourced from the resource section of this forum, thanks @mikeoday

What are your thoughts on this concept?
I am considering doing more, focusing on flowers indigenous to South Africa, but will have to source suitable time laps imagery. Any suggestions on where to find good material will be appreciated.

Then there is still the question of pairing the gifs with appropriately matching watch elements; difficult for an engineer… :thinking:


I think it’s a nice effect! At first I thought you meant you had the bloom time-lapse opening slowly throughout the day, which possibly could also be something to explore. The flower opening progress could be involved in indicating the time, even if only vaguely.

Personally for me those hands don’t fit. I would choose a very simple styled hands against the busy background of the flower. As for the general question of pairing other face elements my suggestion is follow the same idea… If the background is busier, keep the elements more simple.

Look forward to seeing how you develop the idea!

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I agree, the hands don’t fit well, but I could not decide what would fit better :confused:
This was a quick throw together to explore the concept, but to be honest, the end result will not be much different even if I do spend much more time.
Us engineers are function over form guys…
Would any of the standard Facer hands be more appropriate?

I wanted something a bit more elegant than the standard Facer hands, but am not enough of an artist; attempting to draw my own is asking for trouble… :blush:
So I opted for the next best thing: see what is available already for use and @mikeoday was kind enough to contribute a whole set to the community…

Having the flower open over a longer time period is an idea which I did not consider; worth exploring.

I don’t know what hands Facer has built in, I’ve never looked at them so I can’t comment on that. But as an appropriate example, look up the Harry Winston Feathers watch pictures. Instead of flowers it’s ornate feathers (real feathers actually) but you can see how simple elegant hands contribute without getting in the way. If there is much of a library of hands available on Facer resources I’m sure there must be something of this general style.

Replaced the hands with standard Facer hands (there are only about 10 options available, all 2D).