Watchface constantly optimizing on Tizen, can we find a fix?

Hello, Facer community. This is my first post so I apologize if I broke any rules.

Today I attempted to install and use Facer on my recently-purchased Samsung Gear S2 Classic, running the latest Tizen OS version. I have previously used Facer on my old Sony Smartwatch 3, and enjoyed it a lot. As such, I was surprised to find out it is available for Tizen watches.

So, after installing the phone app from Google Play and the watch face from Galaxy Apps, I tried to sync a face from the huge selection available.

However, the first time I tried to sync it across it entered a ‘Watchface Optimizing’ loop, where it would re-sync and re-optimize every time I navigated back to the face. Later, after restarting and reinstalling everything, it now simply gets stuck on the optimizing screen.

After searching on Google and the /r/Facer subreddit, I found only this post on this community forum: Faces constantly optimize

It has had hardly any notice at all from anyone. So, I ask - how can I fix this? Can anyone please help fix this issue or release a bug fix update for it?

Thank you in advance.