[Watchface] Crystal Clear, in need of feedback

I am currently working on this watchface and would really love any feedback on ways to improve it. Trying to get better at more realistic watch faces. Changed up the way I have been making faces.

Thank you.


Try this for the outer edge, ‘framing’: (coloured to suit)

Or this:

Thank you! I tried adding it. I think that was how you meant. Thoughts?

I quite like that …

I really meant the rim, outside of the black circle. It would allow you to re-colour that area …

For an edge (as you have done), I would use:

You need structures, textures, gradients and shadows to make it look more realistic. At the moment the look is very plain.

Greetings, Phantasico

Yeah that’s what I figured. I used only PowerPoint for essentially the whole watch face. Thought it seemed plain. Have to figure out some textures. Thank you!

Added some texture and shadows. I feel like it is getting there but still missing something.