[Watchface] Data Nerd

This watch face is for nerds who like to look at data, as there is no shortage of data here. Some of it was quite challenging to come up with expressions for. You guys in this forum can probably appreciate that. The earth shadow adjustments for sunrise and sunset, as well as the 5 day moon age & moon phase forecasts were particularly challenging. I spent way too many hours working out these expressions & learned allot more about moon age & radial algebra than I had ever considered.

Also, one tester noticed that I had an error in their location which I think I have fixed, as I inadvertently didn’t use UTC time codes where I should have. If somebody’s location isn’t correct, please send a photo so I can work on a fix and calibrate the model better.

Starting at the top down.
-Your elevation is in green (metric or imperial)
-A view of the Earth’s northern hemisphere looking down from the north pole, with you longitudinal location show with the red line projecting from the Centre. Your latitudinal location is shown with the red circle. The intersection of the red line and the red circle is your exact location, +/- say 500km. The shadow at the bottom and sunlit parts of the earth are accurately illustrated, along with the sunrise time (in yellow text with a triangle at the equator) and the sunset time (in grey with a triangle at the equator) are also accurately illustrated.
-The time is displayed on the left and right sides of the earth. Hours on the left, minutes on the right. (12 or 24 hour modes)
-In the shadow of the earth is your weather station location.
-Then are the current date in blue, with the next 4 days of the week in white
-Under the date is the current weather condition, day and night aware, along with current temperature
-Under the days of the week is the next 5 days daily high/low weather forecast trend’s graph (F or C)
-Under the graph is the next 5 days weather condition forecast.
-Under the weather conditions is the next 5 days moon phase forecast
-Under the moon phase forecast is the next 5 days moon age (admittedly, this very small text isn’t intended to be viewed on a casual glance. I can only see it with my reading glasses.)
-Under the moon age is the watch battery level meter. Green is above 60%, red is below 30%, and yellow in the middle.
-To the right of the graph is the daily steps and distance walked (km/Mi)
-Under the distance walked is the phone battery level meter. Green is above 60%, red is below 30%, and yellow in the middle.


that is true dedication! I applaud and respect your effort!

Thanks @kvansant - appreciate it.

Added a variant for the southern hemisphere as well.

And a couple of variants for those who think this is too much data: