[Watchface] Deepest N1

I started drawing this face with the intention of creating a realistic and very deep face, but then I started trying the colors and I started to go crazy as often happens to me and it came out this face with an animation that I really like.
Let me know your impressions!

Cheers orz0


Lol yes. I lost count with how many time my intended face turns into something completely different. My cobra design was meant to be a traditional analogue face and it turned into a full on chunky digital effort.

Good job mate :slight_smile:

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in my opinion speed it all up most watchs display the full face for less than 2 seconds so make it move

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At the moment it takes just 2 seconds to complete the animation, do you this is too much?
I don’t think it makes the effect good if I speed it up more

Thanks :wink:

That is way cool!

Thanks @mikeoday !!!

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Do the animation works on your watches? Cause I just realized that in the browser it’s fine but on my watch it’s not working.

ok, I finally discovered the problem, I tell it to you so that it can be used in the future, on my ticwatch (I don’t know how it behaves on other smartwatches) the interpAccelDecel function doesn’t work, so I had to separate the movement into InterpAccel and interpDecel.
I hope it can help you.
Greetings orz0

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Slick looking face. My only negative comment is that the contrasting inset display looks so…simple…compared the the rest of the excellent design and colors. Maybe this isn’t a bad thing.

You’re right, the idea I started from was completely different, it had to be a mainly analogical and realistic watch. Definitely i will design a version more similar to the initial idea because I spent many hours on designing the differents shadows for every single tickmark!
Thank you very much for the advice

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