wow, I have spent so much time at work that I have had very little design time. This is a part time effort to create an esoteric watchface. I wanted a very unique design, one that was realistic. Well, I did not get the realistic textures there yet, but I did opt for an ode of sorts to an ancient European clock design. The middle color wheel displays the hour in relation to the current minute, as read by the main color wheel. The center hub shows the watch battery level and the day on the month.

I am still working a realistic texture version, so please look forward to that popping up in the coming weeks.

Let me know what you think of this one.


Interesting design - I like the concept and the colours are cool!

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Thank you, Mike!!

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Interesting design indeed, I like that there are colors, not sure I like these specific colors.
I like how the wheel is off center. Looking forward to your other textures.

I was testing a slightly similar concept a while back

It’s with 24h on the outer ring, not inner ring like yours.
It needs more than just some textures though :stuck_out_tongue:

The colors are a real challenge. I wanted a somewhat random set of gradients so that when the watch is viewed from a distance, creates a well rounded “splotch” of the color spectrum.

I like your concept.

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