[WatchFace] Diamond & Pearl by LAZARUS

@jmorga106 and @pacingpoet , you’ve both started something!

Looks clean, but watch your back (Dim) side!

I tested and rejected previews with the Huawei Watch for Women, because I didn’t like the smaller watch faces and the white on white look. It looks great in fullscreen black-backed previews, but I’m guessing most users don’t ever click to that.


  1. Good job with your Dim side.
  2. It looks nice as is, but you might consider switching out the texture of the minute hand to look less metallic, for a softer material like mother of pearl.

Looks nice @hayden!

Yeah, I’ve built a couple of ladies watches over the last few months besides the Coral Diamond. The Peacock has Inspector mode open if you want to see how the tail feathers work.


@jmorga106 Inspector mode is not actually open on Peacock Emerald. When it is, a rocket icon appears to initiate Inspector mode. Also, Peacock Emerald’s search tags should be separated by commas, although search tags aren’t actually working yet.

oops… stand by… (…and then the 20 characters :smile:)

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@pacingpoet ok now its open hehe