[Watchface] Diamond White

Normal service resumed :slight_smile:


ok mate i like the design a lot but if your putting the hour markers in place you have to have the pointers otherwise you confuse people when they look at the watch

The pointers, as in the minute and hour hands?

yes mate otherwise if they glance at the watch after a drink they will see the second hand and think it the hour hehe

lol, will have another play. I couldnt agree with myself that any of the hands i chose looked right. will take another look :wink: what hands most likely of mikes would you use.

not sure about mikes his are great but i cant remember them all i think best would be straight with centers removed would look great

or use my wire frame ones

WHich ones are they mate, point me to a watch with those i’ll take a look. I’ve just applied Mikes Spear hands but would love some new ones to play with.


ooooh, dem pretty. Can I borry them sir.

all yours

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Done, had to rethink the digital time has they had a dramatic effect. but i like em a lot.

actually they do look cool just add a shadow to them before publishing and you done

Ive did add shadows?

They do compliment the Diamond too, they would also work on my B-2 Spirit watch ;p

yeah system basses ones try these

They will make it cool ok


Published and credited you of course :slight_smile:
Thank you

thanks bud but i only try to help so no need to credit me my enjoyment is seeing my idea used ok

credit where its due bud, I try to always remember that :thumbsup:

Ive got a couple test going now. So nightgale is doing very well un featured and this one has hands so it will be interesting to see hw it does as fpr some designs as Mike suggested a lot of the younger folk like digital or hybrid designs. Im also testing the same princple with my simples designs. Just gauging syncs and feedback. Its all fun isnt it, and hugely addictive.

Nightingale is my most successful unfeatured design s far.

thats cool personally im just having funi lost connection so could not arry on

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