[Watchface] Digital Analog Fusion

Just released:

Multifunctional analog and digital hybrid.


  • Barometer
  • Analog clock with Lume
  • Moon Phases
  • Weather icons
  • Realtime pulsating heart at your pulse rate
  • Step count
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Battery Level Text
  • Battery Level Indicator (top light blue arc)
  • Distance Walked
  • 12/24 hour Date and Time
  • Great dim mode with Lume
  • Auto alternating data


nice! Almost makes me want to go digital for a day! :grin::watch::watch::watch:

I think I have it all figured out except the FT count above the date. Elevation? But it’s not listed in your feature list.

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That’s the barometer - which provides elevation above sea level. I think that’s the first feature in the list?

Isn’t that an altimeter ?

facer calls it a barometer in creator, yeah. a barometer measures pressure, not altitude

looks great!

Thanks @ThaMattie