[WatchFace] Digital Daily V1

Newest work in progress! Wanted a new style of digital face with some good info at a glance that is easy to read without being too cluttered. I also added full customization of the background color and app launchers. This will be a part of my soon to be compiled Monday Through Friday Collection. Hope you all like it.


Thank you @GAUSS and @mikeoday! How do you like yellow for the starting color? Should it be different?

That‘s a difficult decision choosing the starting color. I do like lots of colors.:slight_smile:

But one tip for the layout: i would move the hour and minutes a little bit nearer to the doublepoint. As well the Seconds, they are to close to the border I think it will look better.

Greetings, GAUSS.

Haha I feel the same way.
Thanks for the tip I will move those.

I love the shadow numbers.
I would have the HP meter move from left to right; but that’s just me.
Very nice :slight_smile:

I do like the colour - it is different and quite a pleasant muted tone making it easy to look at. The face overall is very nice.

@zookcruzr Thank you! Do you mean the HP meter reversed/mirrored?
@mikeoday Thank you I was hoping for more original and stand out but not too vibrant.


If I may; I love the yellow color and the general layout of the information…
In digital watches I don’t concentrate much on the seconds so I only like to suggest to move the seconds in place of the logo, and move the hour:minute digits tot he middle

But that’s my personal preference…

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Hi. I think if you can move the ‘‘second’’ down next to the ‘‘minutes’’, it would look better. That my own preference.

I like it more… :+1:

Thank you @thamwf and @ozarour! I could add the option to move the seconds depending on your preference as well.

Hi. I brought a copy already. Can you move the ‘‘second’’ down next to the ‘‘minutes’’. If you can, can you add dist in km in place where the ‘‘second’’ was. Thank you.

Can do. Will implement it tomorrow. Thank you for the feedback.

@thamwf it has now been updated with the change in location of seconds and added distance. Just tap distance to change between Miles or km.

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It’s perfect now. Looking forward to more great design from you. Thank you.

Hi Orion. Can you kindly share the code with me, i.e.changing miles to KM.