[Watchface] Digital Madness Orion v1

Digital Madness Orion is a color scheme based on Orion Outline’s - Mk-8 watchface, Please go check it out! Digital Madness Orion includes current and forecasted weather. It also includes a tide chart for the Grand Isle, LA area!! To use the compass feature, make sure your watchface is flat and face-up in your palm/wrist so that its face is parallel with the ground, then turn yourself or your wrist until the yellow sun icon is pointing towards the real sun, at that point the large red arrow will be pointing North. Enjoy! Please note that this is not a real compass or tide calculator, while they should be close, please do not rely solely on this watchface.*Updated Tide Chart and arrow movement. ( will do this as needed to keep accurate)

Same as my Digital Madness watchface but I changed the color scheme a little to let some stuff stand out a bit more.

I really like it! I like the way it highlights the main categories. Makes reading the watchface even easier. Thank you for the shout out!

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Did the best I could since I couldn’t link it.

No worries. Still helps. Hope this watchface does well.