[WatchFace] Digital Madness - Published

Please give me some feedback on this watchface i’m working on. Since i’m on IOS now I cannot sync my watch faces to test them unless I publish them @Facer_Official , is this ever going to be fixed? (there is no place to log in, i would assume this would help :wink: ) Anyways, if y’all wouldn’t mind please take a look and criticize. Any feedback good or bad is greatly appreciated. Also, once I publish it, I will explain how to use the compass and explain the tide chart as well. Thank you.


I like this one alot. Good look with alot of information, but not to cluttered. Very well layer out and designed.

Update: I had to publish the face so I could wear it on my watch since I’m using th IOS app, so I will be testing it still, but it’s published.

Update #2

I have updated the tide code to be…close to the Grand Isle, LA tides (see below). I also updated the movement of the tide chart arrow to help with the accuracy (see below). If anyone notices anything else, please let me know…good or bad :thumbsup:

Tide Code/Arrow Code: @Ben

Thank you.

I like the simplicity but with a good amount of useful information. Seems like it would be great for a surfer.

Great watch for nautic!

I like!!

Us fishermen need tide and weather info as well :wink:

Good point. I totally forgot about that.

And this is the description I used:

Digital Madness is a information packed face! It includes current and forecasted weather. It also includes a tide chart for the Grand Isle, LA area!! To use the compass feature, make sure your watchface is flat and face-up in your palm/wrist so that its face is parallel with the ground, then turn yourself or your wrist until the yellow sun icon is pointing towards the real sun, at that point the large red arrow will be pointing North. Enjoy! Please note that this is not a real compass or tide calculator, while they should be close, please do not rely solely on this watchface. Update**Updated Tide Chart and arrow movement.

Great work, keep it up!