[Watchface] - Dive-Master

looking for feedback please peeps.


Nice one!
To make numbers looks more cylindrical, try using this image and place it above the number layer, obviously with a black tint


Thanks will look at that after tea :wink:

Very nice - I like the layout, animations and of course the very nice rolling number display.

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Whatever that was above. I assume a white graduated layer it downloaded as a solid white rectangle mate.

I looked at it. If you paste it over your text layer, set the opacity low and tint it black you will see it. I assume it needs to be sized to fit as well.

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Ok. Will look again tomorrow :wink:

Sorry off topic, but how do you add YOUR (or MINE) in that matter to a post like that, I want to show off my work too.


Hi mate i like this a lot you seem to enjoy making digi faces i have made a piece of code you might like to try out


its a way of making the numbers rotate but only 1 second before they change so it looks like a continus roll check it out see what you think i wont be using it anytime soon so if you want it its yours

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ooh, am excited to try this :wink:

its in inspection mode mate enjoy i have not seen anyone else try this yet

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Yea, it’s a graduated layer that in the center have 0 opacity, so if you put it over the text layer, stretch it to cover the text field and set the tint to black it will looks like a cylinder shadow

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Way to go Dave… great work

great layout and concept , need to make your animations smoother and it will be perfect !:ok_hand:

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Very cool watch face!