[Watchface] Dwemer

Introducing my first attempt at a mechanical watch. Still needs some polishing up but im pleased with where its at. Thank you @mikeoday for your patience and help with the HR needle coding.



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ok, Unless you think differently, I think i’ve now captured the depth with my limited shadowing, glowing & lighting skills. I hate it when you learn something new or a better way of doing something and then have to go back and apply it to all previous watches that could benefit :confused:

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Very nice, I love the gears.

I will say the numbers along the left are a little hard to read they need something to make them pop from the background more IMHO


Yeah not sold on the numbers either. I’ll see what I can do :sunglasses::+1:

How about something like this, possibly need to be a shade smaller?

Or something different completely.

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That definitely helps. I think the size is fine, If anything you could go even lighter with the background rectangles. But as is it’s way more readable.

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The difficulty is trying to maintain the ancient machine look without it looking too polished so to speak. Trying to avoid any print text (just noticed the E & F battery statuses…Damn). I want it to be interesting though.

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Very nice, looks wonderful!

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