[Watchface] Eclipse

Hi everyone,
Hope you like my latest design! I’m hoping to include it in a collection with varying colour schemes and configurations. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


WOW…You have outdone yourself sir. That is AMAZING!!! That dim mode is super cool too.

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I like it a lot! Great work!

Only the icons in the lower subdial are a little bit to big and there is a strange shadow at the end of the main second hand.

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Haha that would be my terrible eyes wanting big icons - I’ll see if I can rescale them :slight_smile: I can’t see the shadow on my end?

Watch the rear end of the second hand…

… or is it a glass application?

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Ahh! It’s meant to be a thin wire effect (like wings on rolex second hands). Fixed and made the icons smaller :slight_smile: I’ll tweak it a bit more when I’m back on my other computer :slight_smile:

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Thanks @richgrayson92!

awesome work Roy…LOVE the dim mode

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Thanks @selia67! It was such a pain to get the moon to glow too, but I’m glad it was worth it :slight_smile:

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I’m super happy with how the Glow version turned out, so I’ve popped it above as well :slight_smile:

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How did you even make that! You guys are amazing!

Oh, it´s not that tricky at all …

just the right balance of light and shadows and some nice glow effects form Photoshop or other tools.

Try for yourseld - it´s fun.


@GAUSS is right, if you have a little time and patience, it’s not hard to create, you just have to get started :slight_smile: