[WatchFace] Elegant Circles - Published :)

An elegant silver themed dress watch that you can colour and configure to suit your smart watch, your outfit or just because!

Tap the centre of the face to unlock the user controls for colour theme, watch glass, brightness and for dial and second hand configuration.

Available now!



Mmm, circles. Looking good as always.

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Note I’m not very good at names :grinning:

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The name is just fine.

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There are circles, and it’s very elegant, Elegant Circles ftw!
I like these. Very clean.

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Thanks guys! Much appreciated.


Very nice!

Thank you very much!

Now published!


I like it.
Nice design - if there´s a reason to wear a smartwatch… a watchface like this IS the reason!
Clear, simple, necessary information and at the end - looking good.

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Thank you @rope-work much appreciated!