[Watchface] English time

Another of my alternative ideas: a face that tells the time like a human would. :slight_smile:

Edit: Face incorrectly flagged by Facer.

English Time

Hope I have the sunrise & sunset times 100% correctly formatted etc; not easy to test since these do not seem to change in the creator, irrespective of the month set in the time machine. Something for Facer to improve on.

At present it is white and black (day & night). Still unsure if I should release more colour versions, or perhaps just dim down the white.

Comments welcome.



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I like these types of formats. So much more fun than standard time telling.

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Thanks guys.

However there seems to be issues with this face.
A user reported that it does not render correctly on his Fossil Q Explorist.

Subsequently I noticed that the preview in the Android app has a similar issue.
It is rendering 100% on my Galaxy Watch though.

Last time one of my faces had rendering issues in the Android app, it was due to incorrect brackets in conditional statements; will have a look ASAP.

Anybody else having rendeing issues with this face?
Please report with the brand and model of your watch.

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Weird. Do you have any code applied to that left piece of the circle that might be making it do that?

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Looks like a scaling issue or something… I have seen the text issue on my Fossil Carlyle as well… I think the font is rendered a bit bigger than in preview, which makes the fields too narrow. Haven’s seen that center circle issue before…

edit: just tested it, same on my fossil carlyle

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The left piece of the circle is just a white semi-circle filled with black on a transparent background.
It is inserted as an image in the Facer creator.
The original is a 160 x 320 png file, scaled down within the Facer creator to 40 x 80 (can’t see that this should cause a problem).
The position is fixed at integer values; no expressions in any field for this layer.

Position was X=160, Y=160, aligned right (was just easier in my mind to set the right edge on the centre).
I tried changing the alignment back to the default (centre aligned) with X=140 (which does work 100% in the creator as well as on my Galaxy Watch, but the preview in the Android app did not change. :frowning:

Even stranger is that setting X=120 does not change the app preview either! It does move the left semi-circle to the expected position (20 px left from where it should be) on my Galaxy Watch though.

On top of this, the time (hour) shown in the app preview is not correct either (seems to be UTC) while all my expressions use #Dh#. As far I as read the documentation #Dh# should be the local 12h value.

The right piece of the circle is actually a white ‘U’ on it side (if that makes sense), so that it can pulled out right to create a larger display area for the word “o’clock” on the hour. Would have made more sense if there was a issue there instead of with a fixed layer.

I have not even attempted to change anything on the sunrise and sunset time display…

Despite preview issues in the app, this face renders 100% as intended on my Samsung Galaxy Watch!

Do you guys agree that this issue justifies a support call to Facer?

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I mistakenly assumed that sending a face to my watch from within the creator will update the preview in my Android app.
After publishing the alignment change, the left semi-circle displays in the correct position in the Android preview. Facer bug.

So one down; the more difficult issues of incorrect times to go…

Nice. Yeah maybe some of those previews take some time to update. Glad it’s working.

“Working” is a bit of an overstatement… :frowning:

The time is still not correct in the app preview and thus I assume the same goes for the affected watches, i.e. the face is useless for them.
I will submit a support request to Facer to report the alignment bug and to request assistance with the time issue.

maybe on fossil it ignores the transparent half?

Nah, just a Facer quirck… Can’t even replicate the alignment issue at will any more.
After I “fixed” it by using centre align, the issue does not come back when using right align again like it was before.

The issue with the times remain.
I logged a support call with Facer, but am not holding my breath for a reply.
Still waiting for a 1st reply to a call I logged 16 days ago (with a recent follow up) regarding something else. I see this morning’s call is assigned to the same person…

Gone now

Face was incorrectly taken down by Facer due to alleged copyright violation…

New version avalable here
English Time

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