[Watchface] Eonic

Hi everyone. I just published my first “realistic” face. The hour and minute indicators move instead of hands. All indicators move clockwise.


thats really interesting, I like it well done.

Very nice - the overall design is great and the 3d effects are very well done!

I like it, maybe you could change the graphics to be more of a dive watch? Maybe have the seconds a ship propeller?


Congratulations, beautiful.

@dave6, thank you.

@mikeoday, thank you. Love your vintage collection, by the way.

@williamii, thanks. It is odd you brought this up, as I had a similar thought.

@GAUSS, thanks, GAUSS.

@oregon900, thank you.


Very nice and creative, I’ve been working on a similar concept for a while…

Yea, nice one!
I’m also gonna make a rotor one in the future, i think it’s a must have :slight_smile:

@ozarour, thanks, and I am looking forward to seeing your concept.

@orz0, thanks, and I agree. More rotors!

Well done!

@petr.patocka, thank you.