[ Watchface ] Eye See You - Gyroscopic Animation

Finally got around to trying gyroscopic animation… there’s a lot of eye designs out there but I tried something a little more realistic and added animating eyelids.

I wanted to use the gyroscope to make the eye twitch/move without moving too crazy. I had thought to move the eyeball more but I’m ok with it for now.

Dim mode is a eye chart with the time and date added.


Haha nice, a little creepy kinda but also awesome. Very interesting concept!

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Lol. I was thinking exactly the same way.

The idea is great and it‘s well done!

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It’s really cool, but maybe you should invert the colors of the dim mode. The current, very bright image would be quite battery intensive.

Unique to say the least! Yes, well done! I agree with all of the above. :relaxed:

Thanks! I didn’t think about the bright screen draining the battery!