[WatchFace] FacerFit - Core

Newest design release today. Glad to be back at it after a tough few weeks.


Great exercise features, I really like it! How do the height and weight calculate distance? Sounds pretty complex

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Love this design @eradicator09! Really well done. One thing I would say is to possibly make the shadows slightly lighter. So great though.

Height affects the distance only. Longer legs equal less steps per mile. Note that it is still an estimate based off of an average walking speed as well. For runners the distance may will be further.

Calories take into step count, weight, and height to calculate estimated calories. Heavier weight increases the work required, also there is a slight metabolic boost based on height (ie. distance to pump blood and move oxygen around).

It is quite complicated.

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Very nice! Complicated indeed. You guys will never cease to amaze me with your creations.

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This face is now live. Check it out in the Facer store.

I dimmed them further for better contrast.