[WatchFace] FacerFit - Elevate


Get fit with Elevate. This digital sports themed watch has some interactive elements to help customize your workout. There are nine background images and nine colors. The background picture can be changed by tapping the left side. The theme color can be changed by tapping the right side. To launch your activity app, tap the center section.



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I’m thinking I may need to change the dark gray color option. It makes the step count difficult to read. Any suggestions?

Very nice one!!

What if you duplicated the layer and offset the back layer by say 2 px and then make that layer white? I feel like that could make it stand out and you don’t have to change the color and minimal battery impact.

ok. I did a similar drop shadow on the digital time at the bottom. This would be a highlight instead.

@syntaxracing I went ahead and tried it and it only looked marginally better. So I went ahead and swapped it to a lime green/yellow color instead.

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OOh! I like these! :heart_eyes: The green one is my fav.

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