[WatchFace] Fatal Error

WHEW! This one was a bear. Check out all the action and animations. The RAND() and InterpAccel() functions get a workout on this one.


Unfortunately… FATAL ERROR is usually in 80 point DOS Font and the entire system HANGS to a black screen with grey text. :wink:

Yes, I’m that old.

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We are both old, @Roger_Wilco

Your Pseudonym reminds ma of my time in a Counterstrike-Clan. :slight_smile:

BTW: Another great design. And very tricky Animations!

Rand is used for the flickering effect?

Yes, and some of the wiggle movements. I did throw in some SIN waves too for slightly different effects. RAND operates too fast sometimes. You can embed RAND inside an InterpAccel function, but I haven’t fooled with it enough to see repeatable results.

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Very slick man. That’s some awesome math work


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