[WatchFace] Feeling lucky? Trying interactivity without premium designer's tools

Hi everybody!
I used random values for rotation triggered by wake up to spin the wheel, to give the user some interactivity without premium designer’s tools.
The location of the time where adjusted to fit flat tire watches.
I wanted to do more spining but the 3-seconds-screen-on was determinant.
I feel pretty satisfied, I enjoyed doing it. I hope you like it.


Nice work!

You should look at some of @Tomas watches to compare methods and see if you can get longer spins if you haven’t already.

I tried using the random/wakeup trick to make a dart board :smiley: Hope we see more of these type watches and look forward to seeing what everyone’s capable of with interactivity unlocked.

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Jajaja definitely I could use that info before!
@Tomas is an expresion wizard. His expresion is a real beauty, mine is quite untidy…
But he works with the 3 seconds limit too, I think it’s maximum time the screen can be on before go dim. I meant more time, not more spins :wink:
Like I said, anyway, I just passed a great time braining it!
Btw, nice work with the darts!

Hi @carlosfilippa, nice job, it is alway so satisfying for me too. Playing around and get some output afterwards :wink:

… and good point with the 3 seconds and DIM mode…