[Watchface] Final Frontier

I went for a very clean and elegant analog style face and really trying to get it as realistic as possible. I wanted the sub dials to blend in more so you can only basically see the few numbers before and after the current number. However there is only so much I can force Powerpoint to do. Still might tweek this design as I wear it. Hope you all like it.
Seconds in left sub dial, Date in right sub dial, Watch battery in sub dial.

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I love the concept you use in sub dials. Seconds and date are obvious, but battery? I dont know…
It looks great, congrats!i

I like it, although I kinda wish the smaller circles looked like combination dials on a safe, tying into the title of the watch.

Something like this:

Then have an event on the hour that has the watchface “open” like this:

Either way, looks great!

Thank you @carlosfilippa! I was thinking that and debating on a way of labeling the battery dial possibly.

Haha that would be a good idea @cth4242. The name isn’t final. Was more so going off of the smooth look of the watch face.

I really like the blue brushed metal, looks nice and shiny. I also enjoy the hands. Simple yet pleasing to the eye. I can see your skill improving with every face you work on!

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Thank you! Really been trying to improve and enjoy making faces.