[ Watchface ] Fireworks For The Fourth

I was creating two watchfaces for the 4th when @jmorga106 posted his excellent USA 1776 watch…

I’m hoping a few of us can get a nice collection of watches together in time for the holiday… how about it?

As for this one, I wanted to make a fireworks watchface but wanted something more than just a basic firework. Something to get people to keep checking it for something new.

Since I can’t color theme the watch I made an animated gif with transparency for where the fireworks were. (Originally it was white and I was tinting it another color)

Anyways, long story short, there’s 10 random US skylines and 15 random colors for the fireworks. If I could, I would make it so the X position for the firework changes each time the watch wakes. I think that can only happen if we get variables or being able to group layers and modify them that way.

Either way, hope you like!


ahhh @cth4242 the fireworks are cool!


Another one…

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Great work and very nice fireworks!!

Very cool job!!!

I dig the random skylines. I think that’s a great touch and like the others said great fireworks!

These put me in the mood for an Independence Day Celebration! Nice work. I love the animated ants!