[WatchFace] FlightSchool - A201

{Now Available}

A201 continues the creative and detailed designs of the FlightSchool series. This aviator style face features an analog dial with the look of real aviation gauges. Two supplemental gauges are below and are interactive to toggle between Power Levels and Step Count / Heart Rate. The colors are customizable with a default jet black look. There are 14 colors to choose from for both the top and bottom backgrounds. Note there are two toggle (top and bottom dots) to darken each color, effectively doubling the color combinations. In total you should be able to get over 800 combinations. Finally there is a date indicator in the center which is interactive as well. A simple click brings up your calendar app. Tapping the A201 logo will bring up a themeable option to even change the color of the dials and text. If you like the design, hit the follow button to get alerts on all my new designs. Enjoy.



Wow I really like this. Even just in the black it is awesome! Well done!

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Well done! I love this awesome piece of a genious mind.

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Awesome! I love it even in black over black! Great work!

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Here is a pic for aviators!


Looks really nice, good job.

very cool designs

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love this face. Great work as always.

A201 is now available.

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Simply amazing.

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