[WatchFace] FlightSchool - A206

Released and ready for purchase in the Facer app.


OOOO I really like this one! Cool charge meter too.

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Great work! Thumbs up high!

I don’t like to put my nose into your job but I would like to suggest you another way to move the numbers to get much realism.
I make this simple example with a “step motion” here with rotation but you can easly change into vertical shift.
I like your watchface also as it is now!


You’re right on the money with that one. I was looking for the formula but couldn’t find it. I asked @GRR how he did it in a PM, but havent gotten a response yet.

Do you have inspection open on this one? I’ll see if I can update it with the single digit code I have on there already.

This is a great counter @dario.marnoni!

Could i use this formula for a future design as well?

I put it here to share
It is inspection enabled I think
Let me know if you can see it

there are the rotation formulas

First number:

second number:

I made a mistake into description… they are first number and second number for seconds obviously

Make sure tu put all the “moltiplication” because sometimes this editor cuts it all


I think I got it worked out based on the your formulas. Just trying to test it to see if the hours behave like they are supposed to.

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I finally got all my testing complete and pushed out the new updated step movement. Had a little snafu with publishing the updated design, but everything is all worked out and back live again.