[WatchFace] Forever Gaming - Galaga (FREE)

Game over guys, you’re going to love this one. My animated take on the classic arcade game Galaga. Added a neat little feature where you can steer the spaceship with a flick of the wrist. Give it spin.

*Note, this one is definitely going to kill your battery. Sorry, awesomeness comes at a price.


Any opinions on saving some extra battery life on this one? I did go back and add in a dim mask for the dim screen. Brightness should be reduced about 50% or so. The original published design only lasted me to 3pm today before hitting 0% on watch battery. So I got only 9 hours. I’ll have to retest tomorrow since this seems excessive.

@jmorga106 does your crazy boat burn battery? I was thinking the accelerometer might be the culprit, but it is only visible during the wake screen.

yeah @eradicator09 the accel() is mean on the battery still. I keep my wake time down to 5 seconds

Now that is awesome, great work! It wasn’t too harsh on my battery? I had it on the dim mode for most of the day though (apart from when I was sharing the awesomeness)

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