[WatchFace] Frogman Date - Published :)

From the Military Heritage series, the “Frogman” is an interpretation of the 1971 UK military dive watch issued to clearance divers and special operations teams.

( Based on Defence Standard 66-4 ( Part 1 ) / Issue 2 1971 ).

Tap the centre of the face to unlock the user controls for colour theme, watch glass, brightness and second hand display in dim mode.

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Great looking watch face…

I wanted to ask you; how do you get the pictures? I understand the background and your logo but how do you get the COMPLETE watch picture and not just the face

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Pictures? Two ways …

one: In the editor, toggle “show watch preview” in the config pull-down menu and press ctrl-printscreen to capture the screen.

two: From the editor preview the face and again capture the screen

In both cases I paste the screen capture into a new Photoshop image and then use the selection tools to cut-out the watch.