[WatchFace] Full Info Analog

Trying to make a digital dashboard but analog. I mean, lot of info but in analog layout. A little to the realistic look, but with some turns… hope you like it.


I like this design a lot. Could be a bit hard to see on a smaller screen but I like the layout, colors, and info. I know some won’t since they like simple but you did great work. Keep it up! :+1:

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Thanks, and yes, I know its a hard balance between readibility and amount of info but I tried to keep it just in the edge. Again, the ideal is to have interactivity tools to organize info in several screens but…

Agreed. Having interactivity would open so many possibilities of design ideas I have had as well.


I think it’s only a matter of time. Your watch faces are mostly perfect.

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I like it, maybe for my LG Watch Style it’s a bit too full of information
but not bad.

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Thanks! Im not hurry :wink: I have a lot of fun doing it, and limitations always are a good challenge :+1:

Thanks, yes, depends of health of sight too. Mine are not the good it was :nerd:

Well, it´s for sure nicely made but for me its too much information and because of the font size it lacks on readability. But i think there are a lot of people outside that will like it exactly that way.

Greetings, GAUSS


I like it a lot. Your faces are getting better and better. I can see you being a premium designer here soon. Excellent work.

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Looks good, I enjoy the colors a lot too. Well done.

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Thanks, thanks, thanks for the feedback. It means a lot coming from you all. :+1:

You really have talent…

You are one of the few that really can make some money with your talent… Try to put some of your work to Google Play I think it will pay off the work nicely .

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Thanks, I have a lot of fun doing it and I love to keep the mind-gears running. And feedback is a great payment, I mean it!

your one of the few focusing on your own thing… and dammm it pay’s off !!

It also confuse me… you make better faces then many of the premium folks… seems they pay a little more then you lolz.

I hope to see you soon as independent designer !!!

I’m aiming for beeing premium designer, not for the money but for the premium tools… I have a lot of ideas for them :wink:
There´s wonderful premium designers in Facer and I learned a lot studying their watches. I really love some of their designs, but yes, I try to focus in my own ideas, see what happens. Again, thanks for the feedback.

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