[Watchface] Future

Celebrating 300 followers goal with this futuristic watchface that shows:

  • Hours and minutes in the circles above
  • Clock second, temperature and weather in the lower circle
  • Thousands of steps in the upper left area
  • Hundreds of steps in the upper right area
  • Percentage of the battery in the lower right area
  • 20x heartbeats in the lower left area
  • Date in the center
    In DIM Mode in the lower circle the progress bar shows the battery percentage instead of the clock seconds
    Enjoy it:)
    Thank you
    Cheers orz0


Very nice! :thumbsup:

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Like it!

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Thanks @csuporantal & @papaberean for your support!
It’s really appreciated :slight_smile:

Published now!


'Cept I set it to double speed and for some reason felt compelled to Paypal you all my money. Weird.

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Ahahah glad you like it

I like it, great color, thumbs up

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Thank you!
I will also make a themeable color version in the future

Very nice!

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Thanks @mikeoday !

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Beautiful, relaxing color.