Hi guys!

I would like to show you my first Gamer Project. I Think It’ll be my main designs in this plataform. I do have an new Samsung Gear (that on who s10+ pre orders gain, U know?).

I’m an not a designer either an T.I. Guy, but I Love Games and Technology a lot!
If you want ANY Gamer design, type here some idea and I’ll try to make it the best (noob) way! LOL

I Hope you enjoy and I’m here to know more about this platform and listen to your opinions!

Thanks a Lot!!!


I saw this on reddit it was awesome enough that I downloaded facer just for this watch face. Sad there is a bug messing up the step counter but I use it non the less.

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oh! can you describe this BUG, in my watch works normal (its a Samsung Galaxy Active)

I’ll try to fix it asap.

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I don’t think it’s your watch face honestly, I’ve been following this thread and it seems to be any face I use from facer. (I have an android and a fossil explorist) [FIXED] Step counter not working on WearOS watches

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I think they already fixed it. (i hope that!) thanks for your feedback!