[ Watchface ] Gaming Series - Darts

Inspired by @Tomas brilliant game related watch faces I created this one.

Bonus feature - An additional dart is thrown hitting the bullseye if you play at the top of the hour.

Random placement on the three darts (sometimes off the board as in real life!)


Well done! Especially the movements :wink:

Looks good! How did you get them to land in 3 different locations? I tried using 3 instances of wakeRand in the x axis and all 3 come up with the smae number so all 3 land in the same spot every time. What’s your secret!?!

Here’s the 3 darts coordinates:




All ranges were eyeballed and tested a lot… could they be better? Probably :smiley:

Nice! quite fancy… :+1: OK @Tomas I’ve got an idea for one of these… stand by.


@cth4242 awesome face! Featured on our instagram account! The instagram account you link in your profile doesn’t seem to work - do you have one you can share so we can mention you properly in this post? Thanks!

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It’s… Travis W. Howard (@traviswhoward) • Instagram photos and videos

I don’t have anything posted there though :slight_smile:

Time to start posting on your account! let’s make you a star! :wink:


In this case it is not such a problem, but please be careful using the function (wakeRand(X,Y)) for more than one random number. Here is the example of this watch face:

I just wrote down 10 “random” numbers of those two formulas and the numbers are (in a limited range) depending on each other.

I’ll be honest, I was worried about the dart appearing off the board more often than not and people thinking it was broken.

Admittedly it was thrown together quick. I’ll definitely check it out to see if I can improve the randomness.

Very nice job and very good idea,@cth4242!

Funny Games and nice Animations on the wakeup-screen are good ideas. Thats why i built my Star Wars and Smaug watch faces. Could be a new trend to get watch faces in the social medias.

I noticed in facebook a few weeks ago that some users post “wristselfies” to show their new watch faces to the public.

This is very good Promotion… from the users.


This trend should be pushed … could become a big hitter! :wink:


Phantasico aka GAUSS

I got my first wristselfie this week and the first 1000+ sync!

It’s definitely one thing to see sync numbers, it’s another to see someone actually wearing your watchface.

And I really like your Star Wars design, it got me thinking a lot about how to create the illusion of depth and movement with limited resources.

Yes. I had the same experience. My watchface animation was presented in facebook, with a video … :slight_smile:

You are right … the resources are limited for animations, but let´s not forget: This is a “watchface maker”.

It´s not userfriendly - more a primadonna-system, but let´s rock that damn´ thing. :slight_smile:

I made my first computergraphics on an Commodore C64 - with a joystick …pixel for pixel… That´s Limitation!

To @Facer_Official :

Some small tipp: If you would implement more features for timebased animations and/or gif-animations and we create some nice things with it … you would be first with truly animated watchfaces - maybe a new market … or a new hype …

Let´s get some fanboys and girls!

Phantasico aka GAUSS

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Definitely on the roadmap :wink: