[Watchface] Gear S2 Classic (enhanced)

The Samsung Gear S2 default ‘analogue’ watchface, but with the minor changes I always wanted …

Samsung Gear S2 Classic (Oct2015) - SM-R732:

Update: New ‘steps/walking’ icon, and mark-II logic for ‘steps’ scale (testing mark-III elsewhere, and may update this).


I must admit I do like yours better. They both are pretty cool though.

Very good upgrades to a good face. Well done.

Only slight change: (with dark blue background)

And closer to the original : (with purple/black background and grey complications)

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A more obscure variant, released with/for Samsung Gear S2 Classic (black) in 2015.

… in the wild, Jan 2016 (left) and Nov 2015 (right):