[WatchFace] Gear S3 Chronograph+ (stopwatch)

Samsung - Gear S3 Frontier / Classic - Chronograph+ (watchface/stopwatch)


  • 12 hours (main, 12 minute step)
  • 60 minutes (main, 1 minute step)
  • 60 seconds (small, left, 1 second step)

Stopwatch: (activate with ‘stopwatch’ icon)

  • sweep seconds (main)
  • 30 minutes (small, top, 1 minute step)
  • 10 hours (small, bottom, 10 minute step)

(superseded) see below


  • Should the main seconds hand just sit on vertical (when not used for stopwatch)? YES
  • How big should the icons be? Where should they be placed? What colour, level of contrast (against coloured background)?
  • I redid the Tachymeter scale, using my own maths. Is it now correct? (It does NOT match original.)


  • Changed seconds sweep hand, to ONLY stopwatch usage.
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Hi man.

Great work.
Replying to you questions…

  • Yes, the main seconds hand should stau at 12h (vertical up) when not used for the stopwatch. That’s what normally happens in mechanical clocks.

  • The icons should be slightly smaller than the clock numbers font. Regarding the colour, maybe a grau color, slighly lighter than the background. That way you could see that they were there, but they would not be “in your face”.

  • The tachymeter scale appears correct

Just are just my opinions, but I hope the input helps.


Minor update: icon colours, enabled full functions (colour picker).

Minor updates:

  • corrected rotation, for stopwatch hour hand
  • changed weekday disc, to uppercase
  • (dark) improved colour/shading for background
  • added accel./deccel. to stopwatch hands (for reset)
  • removed (accidental) dim elements, on main face


Looks really good! I have trying to implement a face with a built in chrono/stopwatch and cannot get the second hand to rotate accurately. When I press the Start/Stop the hand turns but it rotates very, very slowly.
I am only using the #SWES# tag in the rotation. Did you have to use a different code to get it to rotate properly?

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As discussed here: How to setup elements for digital stopwatch

They (Facer) have yet to provide a tag for: Smooth Rotation value for Stopwatch seconds

To convert seconds to rotation, you need to multiply by 6.

  • Seconds: 0.001 … 59.999
  • Degrees: 0.006 … 359.9939

I have gone further than that, and use: (((#SWEMS#/1000)%60)*6)

Note: This actually uses the Stopwatch milliseconds tag.


Cool! Did you test it on a smart watch yet?

Is the rotation as smooth at it?

Still testing this (and another more ambitious stopwatch design) …

See: [WatchFace] TAG Heuer Calibre 36 RS2 (stopwatch)

Would welcome feedback / testing from others.

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That works well, thanks! Your formula works well for minutes also. I just changed the math and it seems to be functioning accurately: (((#SWEMS#/60000)%60)*6)

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I use math notation:

(((#SWEMS#/6.0e4)%60)*6) smooth

((floor(#SWEMS#/6.0e4)%60)*6) step

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Question how would one make the hand spin representing Milliseconds?

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What hand rotation would you be using?

1000ms in 1 second would be too fast.

You might want to show milliseconds on pause/stop

For example:

Simply trying to make a small hand rotate once every second

Also you wouldn’t have a way of shortening the numbers created by the Stopwatch tag.

#SWES# will give you continously increasing count of elapsed seconds with a fractional part

You want the hand to rotate once per second, that is 360 degrees per second, so all you have to do is multiply #SWES# by 360.

rotation: (#SWES#*360)