[Watchface] HaDe PRO XA1600

Racing stripes. Make your own combination :oncoming_automobile:


Great that your aloud yo use the Martini brand on your faces !!
Seems Premium do have some benefits…

I like the dimming controls for the backlight and the outer bezel. Good idea @petr.patocka .


In my youth reigned Lancia Delta Integrale in the Rally. Usually with this logo.

Wel before that the Lancia 037… and Now the Williams racing team…

But the logo is protected… But I see a lot of premium designers without problems using copyright names,logo’s and other stuff that non Premium get removed… do yeh, cool that Premium users can use copyright protected material.

(It’s pretty easy to find out if an brand name, logo or anything else is free to use or not…)

But I do like your design, if you are aloud more you can make better thins that’s an fact…

Just as example, Coca Cola, Rolex (sponsors for years racing), Ferrari, etc are all making big money with merchandising same reason Martini does sponsoring they make more money selling crap then booze…

I’m aware of that. Still, I did it this way.

If the owner of the label rings, I will remove the logo immediately. Will you report it?

Afcourse not,

I only wonder why Facer let Premium users publish copyrighted material and even charge people for it…

You have an scary way of thinking, Crime is aloud as long nobody see it… and yes stealing is in most places a crime and what you do is stealing, but again that seems to be how Facer works… sooner or later Google will pull the app from Play and then all are loosers… not just people like you who ask money for something they not own or are aloud to use…

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For me, using the logo was a matter of joy. Because you are so outraged, I removed the logo. There is no reason to let you repeatedly offend all other premium designers.

So I’m the only one who has this logo on my watch.

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Pointing out things is not offending… And again you don’t have to remove anything on my behave, I simply try to understand how the scale works on the rules game here on Facer… do they use a dartboard to remove faces or do they really apply the rules like they are written?

And, I have a few faces also just for my own joy, the replica’s I make off both my Rolex watches are only as draft, that is the only right way to use copyright protected material… and yess, it often sucks to stay on the legal side of the line.