[Watchface] Heart Monitor | Black Beats

this is a PRO version of my previous free one with a lot of improvements… much accurate graphic, black and white theme, customizable and themeable, realtime graph based upon true heartbeats

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It’s weird … the free version was born in a few minutes almost for fun and is over 5500 syncs with a quantity of 85 per day … let’s see how this version goes: for now has already arrived at… one. sigh

Welcome in the world of premium faces. :slight_smile:

When you can get 5-10% from the free watch face syncs you are lucky…

People think twice before they buy a watch. There are so many free ones out there.

yup - as @GAUSS said welcome to Premium. I built one watch a year ago, pretty popular - over 7,000 syncs in a couple of weeks. I re-created the face, even with new Premium features and over the course of one year reached a whopping total of… 38 syncs. :smile:

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I really like this one. If it makes you feel any better it has 2 syncs now!

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