[WatchFace] Holo HUD

Hello again all! Here is a face I have been working on and still am making minor adjustments to. I wanted to have some fun and decided to make a Heads Up Display or Holographic style of watch face. What do you think so far?
Thank you!


I like! Cool color combination, smooth animations!

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Thank you @phantastico! I spent a fair amount of time on the animations. Have a slight flicker when the screen comes on so as to resemble Iron Man’s HUD in his mask coming on.

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Hi @Orion

Very nice design, as you know I like HUD(s)!

I like the animations and colors with the displays going up both sides of the face with the steps goal and informational panels for heart rate and seconds.

The time in the center panel gives it focus, the weather looks good, a possible slight improvement may be have it displayed in a little more of a circular wrapping display style panel to match the rest of the information on the watch face, like you did for the battery percentage.

Your face is awesome the way it is laid out and I am only suggesting based on my preferences, your the artist and creator!


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Thank so much for the feedback @cdownie1967! I know you like HUDs. I actually looked at some of yours for inspiration. I may look into putting weather info into another part like the battery. Thanks again for the idea.

Well done! I like the colors. :relaxed:

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Thank you Linlay! I have made a couple changes and the design is now live in thanks of 500 followers!

Looks great on the watch! …and congratulations on the 500 followers!


Thank you! And glad you like it, I took some of your advice. :grin:

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