[Watchface] Hybrid

Here it is the resulting design of a lot of work!
It’s an hybrid between realistic analog and digital watchface!
Let me know your impressions!
2 colorations Black and Red Steel!

Thanks orz0


Looks great, well done!

It does look good! I like the sub-dials and the 3d cutout for the “LCD”. The DIM mode also works well. Well done!

Thank so much guys, I’m glad that at least you like it, cause I haven’t received much feedback in terms of syncs after the release :slight_smile:

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It can be very disappointing when that happens - you work for ages on a new face, you are really pleased with it and then it does not do so well when uploaded :frowning:

However, I think immediate success or otherwise in terms of syncs is not all about, perhaps not even mostly about, the quality or attractiveness of the design. Other factors that have a very large impact include who is online when you post it, what day you post it, which category you post it into, what other faces are posted around the same time, etc. I have even found that some older faces, having initially not done so well, sometimes creep up the trending lists as if from nowhere many days/weeks later. And of course, on more than one occasion in the past, when I have been certain that my face is a masterpiece ( :slight_smile: ), I have deleted it, republished it on another day and found that it has done better.

Anyway, your designs are cool and that is the most important thing!

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Out a new version without tachymeter and bigger infos