Watchface Identification Needed

Hello: My name is Howard and I am another newbie to this pack. I need some help from anyone who is able to identify this watchface. It is included on the Facer Homepage. I really need someone who knows their watch faces to help me identify it. Any assistance that can be provided will be greatly appreciated!!


@ titus7212 welcome to Facer

That is the Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon. It is modified though. Plus the image quality is very bad.

OK…so is this watchface not available in Facer Watch selections? I have looked and haven’t been able to find it.

Sorry i went through as many faces as i could but could not find this one so made a version myself see what you think if you like it i will publish

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There is this one

And the designer has a number of other variations - the black one is nice.

Thank you Mikeoday for creating this version. It is exactly what I was looking for. I purchased it immediately upon seeing! Have a great day!

Thanks for your creation. The only thing missing is a second hand, Weekday/date/Month and above that the Words “Moon Phase”. Your creation is almost right on for what I was looking. I’ve attached a copy of what I was looking for. The items in the red dashed box are the items I mentioned above (Not including the second hand of course).Perpetual%20Moon%20Phase

ok try now

This is precisely what I am looking for. Let me know when you publish it.
You are so talented!

no probs published now

Hmmm, where’s the replica police that always show up if I even just mention replicas? Lol. Nicely done though Dazza.

Not mine - this was made by G7.

Check him out, he has some wonderful unique designs.

Hey @dazstacey, please see my private message.


To make things worse, this watch is on Facer’s own website. Does Facer just not know that this is a real watch?