[WatchFace] Imported Pixels

It’s not easy to find the best pixels. Having scoured the world, I’ve found the finest pixels known to man, all with verified R,G or B pedigrees, to produce this latest piece.

Please note that every pixel concerned is free-range, has been treated humanly, and hand-reared from scintilla to fully-fledged dot.

Hope you like it.




This is really great Rich! Though I don’t agree with your choice of watch body for the preview.:grin:

I love it! :star_struck:

very nice!

Thanks Kevin, which watch would you have used?

Thanks Linlay, Glad you like it!

Cheers ThaMattie.

Welcome to my world. The best frame for this style is a neutral classic case, the SS H1 would be my choice, but it’s not offered in the menu (supposedly they are planning to add it). The Carlyle would also be a good fit, but I think the photo they have for the Carlyle is very poor and doesn’t represent how good that watch actually looks. I’m kind of defaulting to the Galaxy Active 2 sometimes because it’s about the most neutral case in the library. There’s like 30 choices of black cases and not one for basic SS :frowning:

I have this issue all the time. I work up a design I’m happy with, then prior to publication, I click through one watch ‘visage’ after another looking for what I though already existed, looking for the perfect ‘frame’… life.

Hopefully the H1 will indeed be added soon. And hopefully a decent pic! That’s one reason I’ve been taking photos of my own watches to make the promo mock-ups. I like to be able to present the full vision, not have it be corrupted by a bad frame. But, now I have as much fun making those as the faces almost so that’s kind become a hobby within the hobby :slight_smile:

Time for us to begin a weekly pod-cast, I think


Looking good! I personally preferred the “Q - Wander” watch for this one, but still looks great on most anything. Keep it up!

I think it was a good idea to show that design on a watch for women because it helps people visualize that it can be used for both men’s and women’s watches. If you make promotional images for your social media you can always use different preview watches for a variety of looks.

I agree with you in principle Linlay, but I guess I don’t like the way the women’s watches in the library look. In your experience do you have a sense of what smart watch or watches might be most popular with women? (Besides Apple watch :grin:) The gold and diamonds seem a bit of a stereotype, but maybe also reality?

I cannot generalize. My followers send me photos that show different brands.
I have never minded the variety of watches in Facer’s Library. There is a good selection, although the addition of one or two women’s watches, would be helpful for my designs.

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I agree with all of you! To be transparent, I already had a gold version prepared and wanted to use the Q-Wander for that version. I knew I’d use black for a more masculine look. So, with blue, I needed something that would ‘reach-out’ to another watch-wearer… and the Huawai watch for woman outer frame complimented the dial’s Guilloché.

A woman’s watch in silver would be a welcome addition to the ‘frame’ selection. We’ve enough rose gold and diamonds.

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