[Watchface Interactive] - Liquid Zen

Simple… so simple… it’s just so simple. Tap the water’s surface on this minimal design and watch the rippling water surface return to its calm state. Be one with the calmness… ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm



Very nice. You seem to enjoythe new possibilities! :slight_smile:

Is there a way to create random ripple effect. I dont want to change the effect, but have three ripples start at different times.


Don‘t seek a sense in everything.

It looks nice, that‘s it.



I want to create a hypnotic effect slow pulsing outward

Ah, you would like to hypnotize someone with your watch!


Trust me, it doesn‘t work. You don‘t get any woman in your house or bed with that trick.

If you want to have results, take my watch face:

I promise you lots of willing female slaves that will make every dreams you may have come true.

Only joking!