Watchface is moving a little off the screen when dim mode is activated

I made this watchface: eldarazulay3 - Blue watchface - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer (see in inspector mode)
try to download it to your watch. I have a problem that the watchface is just moving a little off the screen, it’s really annoying. Can you look at my design at try to find what causes that?

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Can you check if it’s happening with other watch faces as well? Some smartwatches do that automatically to avoid screen burn-in (Screen burn-in - Wikipedia)

It doesn’t happen to me with other watchfaces, just with this one. I have huawei watch BTW.

Mine does the same. I have a Huawei as well. May be a screen saving action for burn in reduction.

but the minutes’ hand is moving every minute, and it doesn’t happen with other watch faces. This particular watchface makes that, it might be in the design. check the inspector mode and see if you find something wrong.

All my watchface do that on my Huawei. It’s a little 2-3 pixel hop to the right.


Same. I was curious if this was a error on my part in building faces that I misaligned them for dark/light. I wonder no more. Huawei is the culprit.