[WatchFace] J.A.R.V.I.S

Many people has create JARVIS (Tony Stark’s AI) watchface
But I decise to refresh it, that the arc reactor could rotate, which make it look like realistic.
I hope everybody enjoy it.

Sorry for my bad english


Looks really good! Love the design mate!

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I really like the overall design, but if I may suggest, work on the font. This design could benefit from a sporty but tech based font, something heavier than what you have there now.

I really don’t know which font will suitable in this case. i just think jarvis is an AI so tech font style will be suitable. Could you suggest any fonts for me?

I agree, the design is really nice, but i would also change the font

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Honestly, I am very bad at chosing font, can you suggest me the suitable font :(((