[Watchface] JCS Chameleon

My latest creation, again mostly just for fun to see what could be done. :slight_smile:
Some variations on the theme should be possible too; watch this space…

Comments welcome (pro and con), as always.

A colourful analogue face based on a RGB 12 colour wheel.
The hands mirror the wheel, changing colour as they move.
Seconds are indicated by the perimeter ring, completing the colour wheel once a minute.

Battery indicator also uses the colour wheel at its position.

Week day & date avoids being covered by the hands.
Week day colour indicates the month by matching the colour position of the current month number .


Cool effect and perfectly named! As with the Dots face that was recently posted, I really appreciate the creativity of the concept and the exploring of what’s possible to execute, even if stylistically it’s not up my alley.

…edited because I just noticed your trick to keep the date visible. Nice!