[Watchface] JH | Aquarama

Hi All,
I’m big fan of the boat “Aquarama” built by the Italian Riva.
I hope you will love this tribute .


This is a nice design! I like the decking and the date window is a nice look too. If there is one thing that might be a little out of balance perhaps the hour hand is a little light. The ring around the minute hand is a nice touch especially with the blue accent.

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Nice, I like the style.

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Looks great - did you try a brass finish on the metalwork, or didn’t this give enough ‘stand-out’?

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Sorry, meant… 'OR, didn’t this give enough ‘stand-out’?

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Many thanks @kvansant!!!
Let’s try another version for the hand hour. I think I found something else !

Thanks a lot @ThaMattie

Hi @richard2,
No, I didn’t tried just because the aquarama boats use chrome for the indicators/rings instead of brass.
But I agree it could match with the wooden texture.

Its the dials…

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