[Watchface] JH | Sensitive Skeleton

Hi there,

I finalized a new design with a “quasi-tourbillon”. I’m already working on the missing fork pallet but not sure my Fossil Gen3 screen will catch it … !
@kvansant: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I hope you will enjoy it!


This is a great looking design ! I’m always a fan of exposed calendar wheels too so this is double the fun :slight_smile:

I admit it’s kind of pointless to obsess over details that are hardly noticeable by the time they’re shrunk to the watch screen, but at the same time that’s the fun for me. I love getting lighting and texture nuances as photorealistic as possible for the big screen. And i think that’s one of the things that the Watchmaker Premium platform rewards better than Facer because in the app on the phone or in the live wallpaper app we get to see our functioning faces in a much larger size. I wish the Facer phone app had a zoom!


Many thanks !

hahaha, no matter at all. Nice to have comments especially on details.
I’m already very proud of my progress when looking at my first design. I want to continue this learning curve and need such meticulous expertise. So, please keep on commenting.
Devil is in the details !

Great one! :+1: Skeleton, cool layout, nice textures and a very good shadow handling!

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Awesome textures!

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Many thanks Master Gauss, really much appreciated !!!

Thanks a lot @AllenMiquel !
Until now, I didn’t work so much the texture but I decided to bring this lesson at the next level :slight_smile: