[Watchface] JH|Sherlock Ed. 2020


I finalized the reedition of this watchface designed about 2 years ago … it was probably the second one I published on facer :slight_smile:
At this time, I worked with the vectorial software Inkscape but I had to remove it from my computer since the only available 32bit version is not supported anymore by Apple.

So here we are! I migrated the design to blender but my CPU had a hard time in rendering the engraved metallic background. Then, I have reworked the indicators for battery and steps and also renewed the DIM Mode.

I hope you will enjoy this new version 100% mechanical .





Really nice. I like it. If I may to point to something, maybe check the hands. The new ones have more vivid color, but in my opinion the older suited better to the shaded background being shaded too and not just flat.

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Many thanks for this remark ! Right the old version got a specific layer for the gloss on the hand (and changing direction at 6h and 12h). Reason why they look more rounded than the new version with pretty less gloss.

EDIT: Thanks to your attention , I discovered an incorrect length for the minute hand between 6h and 12h :slight_smile: Solved !