[WatchFace] JH-Spe3D

Hi there,

Iโ€™m still working on learning Blender software. This is my new watchface realised with this tool (combined with Inkscape).
All these tools are free :wink:

Hope you will enjoy this watchface !!!


Very nice one! :+1:

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Very nice design. Well done.

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Well done! Seems like you are getting it. How do you like Blender? I have been meaning to play around with it more.

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Thanks @Orion! Blender is a very powerful tool with great 3D rendering. Iโ€™m not an expert so I canโ€™t compare with 3DS max, Maya or Acad 3D. Up to now, I still need Inkscape or draftsight for complex shapes.
Blender worths a try but it is not convenient as a CAD software. Nevertheless, I found interesting tutorial explaining how to do precise drawings with the modifiers.

Nice Design!


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